Kudos to Candice

Kudos to Candice

Read about how our suits stay on and stay put from our very own world champ CANDICE APPLEBY, as featured in a recent article by Rebecca Parsons at Adventure Sports Network.

Photo: Sean Dulany

CANDICE APPLEBY: My favorite swimsuits are made by Pualani Hawaii and I’ve been wearing them for at least 12 years. My favorite style is the Sport Tie top and Skimpy Double Tie bottom.

The Sport Tie is adjustable and gives great support – nothing moves. Same with the Skimpy Double Tie bottom – the tie sides are double looped so that you can cinch them down tighter when doing a rough water activity or loosen them if you’re just laying out. I body surf big shore break and do rigorous pool workouts in these suits and they stay put. They’re also super cute.

Honestly, I can’t remember a swimsuit malfunction since I’ve been wearing Pualani Hawaii suits – they’re that good! I do recall a malfunction that was more of a mental malfunction than anything. I was having a picnic on the beach after surfing and I put my shirt on over my suit. My bikini top was wet, so I took it off under my shirt so I could warm up. Once I had warmed up, I wanted to take off my shirt and lay out in my bikini, but I had forgotten that I actually took my bikini top off. I took off my shirt and oops, I was topless for about 10 seconds until totally panicking and grabbing for cover!


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