Sweat It!

Call it glow, perspiration, or sweat - we all need a little.

More and more, we are hearing about the benefits of sweating. On average, humans can produce up to one to three liters of sweat per hour. Exercise and heat are the most common causes of perspiration because sweat’s main job is to cool down the body. Whether it's running, hot yoga, a sauna, or any other method, perspiration is an effective way to detox the body. Other benefits:

• Sweat limits the amount of salt and calcium buildup in the kidneys, reducing the risk of kidney stones.

• It fights germs, because the sweat glads excrete a natural antibiotic called dermicidin.

• Sweat can speed up the healing of wounds.

• It helps boost endorphin levels, making us happy!


However, stress, anxiety, and excitement can also cause sweating. That’s why foods and beverages that increase anxiety, such as coffee and tea, can ramp up sweat production.


Regardless of how you get your sweat on, be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.


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